Natural cork plates 40 mm thick


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These cork plates offer you an excellent solution for a thermic and acoustic insulation of your house. They can be laid on a wall, a ceiling or on the floor, under a panel or a covering. Cork is A noble natural product, unlike fibreglass which disintegrates, in time, and which requires an enormous amount of embodied energy for its fabrication. Plated cork gives you an insulation at an interesting value for money and is ecological and land-lasting: cork is unalterable and remains as it is for hundreds of years. It is easily fixed from the floor to the roof, inside or outside, horizontally or vertically. Incorruptible, it is not attacked by rodents or mites. Moreover, it has a good reaction to fire, and is the only insulator around with a 100 °/° resistance to water, even if immersed for long hours. It never rots away. The 40 mm thickness offers you an excellent average efficiency and is part of our best sales. It is sold in 1m x 0,5m plates.

Our firm commercialises its product on a national and international scale