About us

BOUDJELIDA CORK FIRM is a family enterprise founded in 2009 and specialised in the transformation, manufacture, commercialisation of cork and its by-products. Today, our firm employs thirty (30) people divided into two groups: one devoted to manufacturing and the other dealing with the laying of  watertight plates. In the development of the country,  BOUDJELIDA FIRM holds the position of an SME operating in the cork business.
Geographically it is located in Jijel, whose vegetal cover of cork oak forests is among
the most important of the Mediterranean basin.


3.Authorises capital

    The authorised capital of BOUDJELIDA CORK FIRM and wathertighness is fixed at 35 000 000 A.D


  • An analysis and quality control laboratory
  • A “rolling stock” containing the equipments for cork manufacturing and shaping
  • A storage system dedicated to the craft of cork transformation (watch video)